Whether it’s a workplace, an apartment or a home, keeping it cleaned at all times pays great dividends. People always like to spend time in a place that is properly cleaned and well- maintained. Cleanliness ensures we remain happy, healthy and motivated as we go on doing our day-to-day tasks.If you’re running a business, cleaning should be at the top of your priority list because it contributes to the success of your business as a whole. A tidy and clean workplace leaves a first good impression on the minds of both employees in your organization and those who serve or do business with. How clean your business establishment or facility is speaks volumes about your values and what you care for. Potential new employees, business partners and prospective customers can quickly form an opinion from what they see and experience at the start.That’s why it’s important that you seek the services of a professional cleaning company that knows its job too well and has a successful track record, backed up by numerous references from past clients.

Cleaning Services We Offer in Richmond & Chesterfield

We offer cleaning services that suit every cleaning need of a home or workplace. Royal Cleaning Services (RCS) is a professional company which caters to the specific cleaning needs of a wide range of clients in Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, Powhatan and Glen Allen, VA.
Our cleaning services can be broadly categorized into:
Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning

Janitorial Cleaning

This type of cleaning service is required at facilities where cleaning has to be completed in cycles. The frequency of janitorial cleaning varies from one facility or business establishment to another, as it is determined by multiple factors like number of visitors, pattern of traffic and cleaning standards as required in a specific sector or industry. Whether you need exhaustive cleaning and sanitization or weekly cleaning, our cleaning company offers the most efficient janitorial cleaning services, in adherence to specific cleaning standards.Based in Virginia, RCS has made its own mark in the office or facility cleaning, apartment cleaning, home cleaning etc. If you are a homeowner, our company can also provide you with well-trained cleaning maids as well as offer move in and move out cleaning services at an affordable rate.
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Commercial Cleaning

If you’re a business owner, we can help you keep your office, workplace, building or facility free from dirt, dust and germs by using a variety of latest cleaning tools and techniques. Industrial cleaning is more elaborate, as it requires familiarity with different types of machines and equipment. Plus, cleaners need to use the right type of cleaning equipment. Regardless of whether it’s general office cleaning, industrial cleaning, window cleaning or car parking lot cleaning, RCS has sound knowledge, skills and experience to accomplish the task.

Office Cleaning

Royal cleaning services offers high-quality cleaning services for offices and commercial environments such as industrial, restaurants, medical, warehouse and etc.

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Restroom Cleaning

Royal cleaning services provides public restroom cleaning services for any commercial facility.

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Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning method is a hot steam cleaning process to ensure a good cleaning process.

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Hoarding Cleaning

We are expert in hoarder cleanup Services to provide professional and high-quality services to our clients and customers.

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Floor Maintenance

Royal cleaning services offers mopping, scrubbing, waxing, steaming, buffing, burnishing and sealing services for various floor surfaces.

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Estate/Forclosure cleanout

Royal cleaning services offers estate and foreclosure clean out for companies and banks to provide trash out services.

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Residential Cleaning

Cleaning of apartments and homes is in high demand as people in this busy world lack the time or tools to do it themselves. A residential space needs a lot of attention for efficient cleaning. If each area of the home is not appropriately cleaned, it can cause germs and pests to grow there. At RCS, we offer a professional apartment cleaning, home cleaning service as well as provide cleaning maids. Right from walls, ceilings and floors to the upholstery, carpets and mattresses in your home, we know how to keep each of these clean and germ-free. Our residential or house cleaning services ensure that you return from work every day to a home environment that makes you feel happy and keeps you healthy. And you can use the weekends to enjoy some quality time with your family and have fun.

House Cleaning

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Move in / Move out Cleaning

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Deep Cleaning

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Post Construction Cleaning

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Why Choose Us?

A great cleaning service can be identified on the basis of its professional approach, quality of staff, effectiveness of solutions, value for money, 24 hours availability, attention to detail, reliability and proven track record. Our cleaning company possesses all these traits, plus we take the time to listen to your concerns, understand what you exactly need and pay attention to your budgetary considerations too. The management team at RCS keeps a close watch on all cleaning operations and sends only the most trained cleaners to for the task at hand.
Whether it’s your workplace or home, our goal is to keep the environment clean and ensure good health for everyone. Our innovative cleaning solutions have be applauded by clients throughout Virginia.

Cleaning is the first thing that should be on your mind when you wake up at home or step into your office. A clean and well-kept place reduces your stress, boosts your productivity and keeps harmful germs and pests away. If you have not found the cleaning company of your liking yet, you’ll definitely find RCS a great match for all your cleaning needs. Equipped with a dedicated management team, highly qualified staff and a modern set of equipment, we’re always ready to provide you with a cleaning service that’s specific to your needs. Hiring our cleaning services means you’ll have the right professionals effectively clean your property.

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