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RESTROOM CLEANING in Richmond and Chesterfield

Restroom Cleaning, Lavatory Cleanup, Sanitizing & Deodorizing Services

  • Thorough office, commercial & industrial restroom cleaning services
  • Professional bathroom cleaning and sanitizing programs
  • FDA approved sanitizing chemicals utilized in our services
  • Toilet seats and toilet bowls completely cleaned and sanitized
  • Urinals completely cleaned and sanitized
  • Toilet partitions cleaned
  • Shower walls and floors scrubbed
  • Grout scrubbing services
  • Lockers cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized
  • Break rooms completely cleaned, including countertops and sinks
  • Stainless steel cleaning and polishing
  • Restroom mirrors cleaned
  • Floors mopped with disinfectant solutions
  • Re-stock toilet paper, hand soap, paper towel
  • Remove trash

There is nothing like having an exceptionally clean restroom to enter. The first impression is the lasting impression. We want your customers to be very impressed with how well maintained your office, restaurant, retail or commercial facility’s restrooms are. We can provide recurring restroom cleaning services for any commercial facility. Submit your request right away so that we can get started on making your restrooms a great place to be!

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